Success Story

Pro 22:6 Children’s Center

With a passion for impacting infants/toddlers care in the medical district, Tana and Leslie decided to make their vision a reality. “The medical district in Amarillo is growing and so is the need for a Christian preschool,” they stated. Their children’s center is unique from many other private centers since they also provide a learning environment that models Christian behavior and includes teachings of the Bible. “With the help of Shane Groff and the SBDC, we were able to pursue this dream of impacting children with a Christian base in the medical area. We are so grateful and want to thank the SBDC for contributing to the success of our business.”

 Tana and Leslie feel that owning their own children’s center has been a true dream turned reality. They had many positive experiences in the startup process, and as most small businesses find along the way, a few challenges as well. In particular, the remodeling of the building and maintaining code compliance was strenuous. The advice they would give to anyone wanting to start their own business is to, “find a building up to code and with little to no renovation needed. This was the most stressful part in getting started.”

Pro 22:6 Children’s Center

Tana Cos and Leslie Bingham

6705 Woodward St Amarillo, Texas 79106