Data-backed Research at Your Fingertips

We provide small businesses with valuable market insights and data-driven analysis to support informed decision-making and strategic planning.

Our research experts conduct thorough market research, industry analysis, competitor assessments, and consumer behavior studies to help small businesses understand their target markets, identify trends, and uncover growth opportunities.

Through comprehensive data collection, analysis, and interpretation, we assist entrepreneurs in making informed decisions about product development, market entry strategies, pricing, and more.

“Our goal is to empower small businesses with the knowledge and information necessary to drive innovation, seize competitive advantages, and achieve sustainable success in their respective industries.”

How do I get started?

The Business Industry Data Center is the official business research and support program for the national SBDC network. The BIDC is dedicated to meeting the information and resource needs of the small business community and working in partnership with SBDCs to ensure their clients’ success.