The APEX Accelerator Program, under management of the Department of Defense and the Office of Small Business Programs, serves as the axis for existing and new businesses to strengthen the defense of the industrial base by accelerating innovation, fostering ingenuity, and establishing resilient and diverse supply chains. The program plays a critical role in the Department’s efforts to identify and help a wide range of businesses enter and participate in the supply-chain, providing education and training to ensure that all businesses become capable of participating in federal, state, and local government contracts.


The Texas Manufacturing Assistance Center helps to increase the global competitiveness of the Texas economy by working with the extended manufacturing enterprise. We deliver hands-on technical assistance and training to a wide range of businesses, including manufacturing, government, and health care. TMAC provides a wide array of services that improve efficiency, quality, and productivity. Focus areas include Lean Enterprise, technology solutions, strategic management, quality systems, environment, and safety.


The Business Industry Data Center is a valuable resource that provides small businesses with comprehensive industry data and insights. Our data center houses a wide range of industry-specific information, including market trends, consumer behavior, competitive analysis, and financial benchmarks. The BIDC empowers entrepreneurs by offering a deep understanding of their industry landscape, enabling them to identify growth opportunities, assess market potential, and stay ahead of the competition. With our data-driven insights, small businesses can make smarter decisions, optimize operations, and drive sustainable growth.


The United States Department of Agriculture Rural Business Opportunity Program provides financial backing and technical assistance to stimulate business creation and growth. The program works through partnerships with public and private community-based organizations and financial institutions to provide assistance, capital, equipment, job training, and entrepreneurial skills. Funding is intended to help improve the quality of life in rural communities by enhancing economic opportunities and ensuring self-sustainability for generations to come.